What you need to know about Chika Ike: background, career, marriage, net worth, films

  What you need to know about Chika Ike: background, career, marriage, net worth, films: Chika Ike is one of the most gifted actors working in Nollywood today. She is also a TV personality, philanthropist, and does a lot more. The life story of the lady is rich with information and anecdotes that are sure to pique your curiosity. Source: instagram.com, @chikaike Profile outline Name: Chikadebia Nancy Ike Nickname: Chika Ike Date of birth: November 8, 1985 Place of birth: Onitsha, Anambra, Nigeria Chika Ike age: 36 years old Height: 5′ 10″ (1.78 metres) Zodiac sign: Scorpio Alma mater: University of Lagos, New York Film Academy Occupation: Actress, producer, entrepreneur, TV personality Background Chikadebia Nancy Ike was born on November 8th, 1985 in Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria to parents Mr. and Mrs. Ike. Her full name is Chikadebia Nancy Ike. Vivien is the name of the older sister who she has. Even though it’s not the case, some people are under the impression that Vivien Ike and Chika Ike are twin sisters. It’s difficult to accept the fact that Chika endured a traumatic experience shortly after her birth. In her autobiography, she goes into detail about the traumatic event, which is quite upsetting to read about. Chika’s father disowned her when she was a little child for the ridiculous reason that he desired a son but instead gave birth to a daughter. Chika asserts that the reason she has been able to prevail through all of the adversity she has encountered and for which she has been responsible was her motivation to demonstrate that she is worth anything. Because her family did not accept her when she was a youngster, she had little choice but to become the person she is today. People used to believe that she did not amount to anything and that she was incapable of being anything, but today she is demonstrating that those beliefs are false. Chika has endured such adversity from the very beginning of her life, and it is this hardship that has brought her to the pinnacle of her field. She is a well-known former model, a successful actress, and the object of affection for millions of people; she has accomplished everything she could have hoped for in her life. She began her studies at the University of Lagos in 2004, where she enrolled in a diploma program in Human Kinetics and Health Education that lasted for two years; she received her degree in 2006. She eventually earned a degree in the same field after returning to school. In addition to that, she attended the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles to study filmmaking. Because of this, her professional life took a sharp turn in the direction of the entertainment sector. Source: instagram.com, @chikaike Career When Chika first began performing in church productions, she was just five years old. Before she made her big break in Nollywood in 2005, she had previously been active in the modeling industry. Among her earliest film credits are those for Sweet Love and Bless the Child. The following is a list of some of the movies in which she has appeared: 2020 – Small Chops – Nikita 2016/II – Happy Ending – Lape 2016/II – Locked Up – Susan 2015 – Miss Teacher – Nwanne 2014 -Secret Act 2014 – Secret Weapon 2012 – Bridge of Contract 2012 – Bridge of Contract 2 2012 – The End Is Near 2012 – The End Is Near 2 2011 – Heart of a Fighter – Amara 2011 – Heart of a Fighter 2 – Amara 2011 – The Seekers – Yvonne 2011 – The Seekers 2 – Yvonne 2011 – White Chapel – Yvonne 2011 – White Chapel 2 – Yvonne 2010 – Street President – Nene 2010 – Street President 2 – Nene 2009 – Harvest of Love – Nancy 2009 – Harvest of Love 2 Nancy 2008 – Before the Rain – Anita 2008 – Before the Rain 2 – Anita 2008 – Desire – Juliet 2008 – Desire 2 – Juliet 2008 – Jealous Princess – Mercy 2008 – Jealous Princess 2 – Mercy 2005 – To Love a Stranger 2005 – To Love a Stranger 2 2005 – What a Mother… 2005 – What a Mother… 2 2005 – What a Mother… 3 2004 – Paradise 2004 – Paradise 2 2004 – Standing Alone 2004 – Standing Alone 2 2002 – Wisdom and Riches 2002 -Wisdom and Riches 2 Other business endeavors Chika Ike Production was the name she gave to the production firm that she established in 2014. After some time had passed, she made her debut with the film Miss Teacher. She is a prosperous owner of a fashion line in addition to being a successful actress who has been honored by the African Movie Academy with a number of prizes in a variety of categories. In 2011, she introduced her clothing line to the market under the title Fancy Nancy. The debut took place in Abuja, Nigeria. In addition to that, Chika is a generous donor. She established the Help a Child Foundation in 2011 with the goal of providing homeless children with opportunities for a better future. Awards and Nominations Chika has been recognized not just for her acting, but also for the humanitarian work that she has done, earning her a number of prizes and nominations, including: African Youth Society Award for Best Role Model In Africa City People Entertainment Award for best actress award African Heritage Award for her Contributions to the Youths in Africa Donven Club Award for Best Actress UN Ambassador for Peace African Movie Academy Award for Best Upcoming Actress Nomination African Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a supporting role Humanitarian Celebrity of the year at the Lamodemag Green October event in 2016 Source: instagram.com, @chikaike Marriage The actress used to be in a marriage. Tony Eberiri the name of Chika Ike’s husband. Between the years 2006 and 2013, Chika was married to Tony Eberiri; however, the couple ultimately decided to split. After Ike filed a number of complaints against her husband in the Abuja High Court, the court agreed to give the divorce. It came to light that Tony had beaten Chika in the past, which resulted in her miscarrying one of their children at one point. In addition to this, Tony accused his ex-wife of doing everything in her power to bring about the end of their marriage. In addition, she disclosed that marriage is a challenging institution and that everyone has a threshold beyond which there is no turning back. Children Chika and her spouse did not have any children during their time together as a married couple. 2010 was the year when she made it abundantly apparent that she owed no one an explanation as to why she did not have any children of her own. Chika responded to a question regarding whether or not she has children by saying that she is still very young and that not having children at her age is in no way an issue at all. Net worth Chika is one of the most successful, popular, and sought-after actresses in Nollywood, and as a result, she has raked in a substantial amount of money. According to Glusea.com, her estimated net worth is one million dollars. You can read her book to learn more about the specifics of her upbringing if you are interested in the topic. Keep a watch out for our updates to learn more about the Nollywood celebrities that are some of your favorites. ________________________________________________________________________ chika ike, how old is chika ike, chika ike and her daughter, is chika ike married, chika ike husband photo, chika ike marriage