What you need to know about Nadine Caridi, Jordan Belfort’s ex-wife

  What you need to know about Nadine Caridi, Jordan Belfort’s ex-wife: Nadine Caridi, who now goes by the name Nadine Macaluso, is a psychotherapist, marital and family therapist, author, and former fashion model from the United Kingdom and the United States. Her marriage to Jordan Belfort, also known as the ‘Wolf of Wall Street,’ which received a great deal of media attention, was largely responsible for her rise to prominence. Today, she is the host of her own show on YouTube, where she discusses a wide variety of subjects revolving primarily around marriage and relationships. Source: @drnaelmft, instagram.com Profile outline Full name: Nadine Macaluso Nickname: Duchess of Bay Ridge Gender: Female Date of birth: 24th December 1967 Age: 54 years (as of 2022) Zodiac sign: Capricorn Place of birth: London, England Current residence: Hermosa Beach, California, and Glen Cove, New York Nationality: British-American Ethnicity: White Religion: Christianity Sexuality: Straight Height in feet: 5’6″ Height in centimetres: 167 Weight in pounds: 132 Weight in kilograms: 60 Body measurements in inches: 38-30-40 Body measurements in centimetres: 96-76-101 Hair colour: Blonde Eye colour: Brown Marital status: Married Spouse: John Macaluso Children: 2 High school: John Dewey High School University: Pacifica Graduate Institute Profession: Marriage and family therapist Net worth: $3 million YouTube: Dr Nae’s Talking Bar Instagram @drnaelmft Background The 24th of December 1967 was when Nadine was born in the United Kingdom. She spent her childhood in Bay Ridge, which is located in Brooklyn, New York City. The psychotherapist’s birthday is November 6th, and she was born in Bay Ridge, which is located in London, England. When Nadine was a young girl, her parents uprooted their family and relocated from England to Brooklyn, New York, in the United States so that they may advance in their respective professions. Because of this, Nadine spent the vast majority of her childhood in the United States. Education John Dewey High School, located in Gravesend, Southern Brooklyn, New York, was Nadine Caridi’s high school of choice. Later on, she attended the Pacifica Graduate Institute to get a Master’s degree in Somatic Psychotherapy as well as a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the same school. She graduated with a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and holds a practicing certificate in Neuro Affective Relation Model, both of which she received in 2015. She has completed all of the necessary training to become a marriage and family therapist. Career When Nadine first started out in the modeling industry, she worked for a company named Miller Coors. There, she signed a contract to promote the brand of alcoholic beverage known as Miller Lite. This was one of the adverts that helped her become known as the Miller Lite poster girl, which led to her gaining widespread popularity. In addition to being featured in the advertisement, Nadine was offered contracts with other television networks. Her growing fame made it easier for her to land a variety of jobs, particularly in advertisements for television shows. She leveraged her fame as a model to participate in a number of different health advocacy programs. One good illustration of this is a commercial that asked for donations to help those over the age of eighteen who were going to have organ transplant surgery. Personal life A well-known American philanthropist and successful businessman, Alan Wilzig was Caridi’s ex-boyfriend before to their connection with Jordan Belfort. During this time, Caridi was in a relationship with Jordan Belfort. Nadine first got to know Jordan Belfort when she attended a party that was hosted by the pair. When they first began dating, Belfort was already in a committed relationship with Denise Lombardo. It’s interesting to note that Alan Wilzig was the one who brought Caridi to Belfort. After that, Jordan got a divorce from Denise and eventually married Nadine. In 1991, Jordan Belfort and Nadine Caridi wed in an extravagant private ceremony that took place somewhere in the Caribbean. Carter James, who was born in 1995, and Chandler Belfort, who was born in 1993, were the first two children to be born to the couple when they were still in the early phases of their marriage. 2005 marked the end of their marriage. When Nadine talks about her marriage to Belfort, she points out that at first glance, everything appeared to be in order. She claims that everything changed when she became totally immersed in Jordan’s environment and was forced to contend with threats, pressure, and intimidation. The out-of-control rage of her ex-husband led to physical abuse of her on multiple occasions. In addition to that, it is rumored that he has been misusing other narcotics. Source: @drnaelmft, instagram.com In the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, who portrayed the role of Nadine Caridi? The man who later divorced Nadine was a stock market trader who was involved in some fairly questionable dealings. He gained a bad reputation for operating a dirty stock-market operation and destroying the lives of his clients as a result. Martin Scorsese was so moved by his story that he turned it into a movie that he titled “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Jordan and Nadine were portrayed on screen by Leonardo DiCaprio and Margo Robbie, respectively, in the movie. The movie was a huge hit, and Leonardo DiCaprio received an Academy Award nomination for his performance as one of the leads. Additionally, it garnered a total of $392 million in revenue at theaters all around the world. Current Husband Following the conclusion of her marriage to Jordan, Nadine wed John Macaluso, an American businessman who had previously served as the CEO of Wizard World. Frankie, Nicky, and Allie Macaluso are the three children that John had from his first marriage. In addition to his work in the business world, Nadine’s husband is a veteran drummer who has performed with bands such as Ark, TNT, and Yngwie Malmsteen. The couple makes their home together in the extravagant mansion that they own in Hermosa Beach, California. 2015 was the year she passed the exams necessary to earn her certification in the Neuro Affective Relationship Model (NAR). She holds a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, and is currently working as a certified family and marriage therapist. In addition to that, she is the proprietor of a mental health YouTube channel known as Dr. Nae’s Talking Bar. On this channel, she shares the success stories of individuals who have triumphed after overcoming adversity and suffering. The objective of the channel’s narratives is to illustrate how people may be changed by adversity, how it can make their lives more meaningful, and how it can assist them in realizing their full potential. Net worth The well-known psychotherapist is expected to have a net worth of $3 million in 2022, as reported by Net Worth Boss. After her marriage to the “Wolf of Wall Street,” Nadine Caridi became more well-known in the media. Nevertheless, she has a lot going for her, particularly in the areas of relationship therapy, family therapy, and marriage counseling. ________________________________________________________________________ nadine caridi, naomi belfort, jordan belfort wife, jordan belfort wife naomi, jordan belfort ex wives, nadine caridi jordan belfort, wolf of wall street wife, jordan belfort nadine caridi, jordan belfort and naomi, nadine caridi young, jordan belfort ex wife