While still governor of CBN, Emefiele supporters campaign at APC convention

Supporters of Central Bank of Nigeria Governor Godwin Emefiele packed the APC convention on Saturday, where they openly campaigned for Emefiele to be elected Nigeria’s next president. Emefiele has not declared that he is running for the top job in 2023, but his refusal to distance himself from campaigns that cast him as a contender has led many to believe he is supporting them. He has also ignored calls to resign in order to preserve the sanctity of his post as central bank governor. At the APC convention on Saturday, dozens of Emefiele’s supporters sang and danced and held up banners bearing his image, declaring him the best candidate. The showing came as no surprise, as various groups have been campaigning for months for Emefiele, who by law, as governor of CBN, should be non-partisan. In February, a PREMIUM TIMES editorial called on Emefiele to resign and pursue his political ambitions, if he had any, or publicly repudiate any association with groups clamoring for his presidential candidacy. The Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) called on Friday for Emefiele’s immediate resignation. “It is only under @OfficialAPCNg with its impunity and disregard for the rules and sanctity of institutions that campaign posters with the CBN governor’s portrait next to the president’s can be approved. “That presupposes an approval of impropriety and we demand that President @MBuhari clear up this monumental corruption of the Central Bank of Nigeria,” the main opposition party said. The party also called for an investigation of Mr. Emefiele, citing Section 9 of the Central Bank of Nigeria (Establishment) Act, which states that “the governor and deputy governors shall devote the entirety of their time to the service of the bank, and while occupying the position, he will not be able to exercise any job or vocation full or part time, whether paid or not. In response, Emefiele Support Group (ESG) communications director Benigna Ejimba said that Emefiele had not broken any laws. According to him, the governor of CBN has not yet declared for the 2023 elections. “It is quite interesting that a mere billboard is generating so much noise from the opposition,” he said, according to Sun Newspaper. “This indeed confirms to us that we are in the right part. As members of the Emefiele Support Group, we made the decision to request his Presidency because we see in him a man who has shown passion and commitment to the development of our country. “We will not be derailed by noise, but will continue until Godwin Emefiele answers the bugle call to lead our great nation.” Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; While still governor of CBN, Emefiele supporters campaign at APC convention