Why Nollywood Filmmakers Still Make ‘Ritual Money’ Movies – Actor, Chris Iheuwa

There has been growing concern about the involvement of young Nigerians in ritual killings in the last four months and many blame nollywood films by the threat of the ‘ritual of money’. Concerned about the ugly trend, on February 9, the House of Representatives resolved to declare a national emergency over ritual killings in Nigeria. The Chamber noted that while citizens of other countries embrace science and technology, young Nigerians resort to ritual murder. Similarly, in February, the Minister for Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, ordered the National Film and Video Censorship Board (NFVCB) to censor Nollywood films to avoid the ritual content of money. This was the premise of an interview with prominent Nollywood filmmaker and actor, Chris Iheuwa, on Thursday in Lagos. Addressing developments in Nollywood, the 51-year-old actor told PREMIUM TIMES that the stories in Nollywood movies stem from contemporary social issues in Nigeria. “Nollywood stories depend on the trends at a certain time. If we take a look at the prevailing circumstances in Nigerian society, especially in recent times, we would discover the following; rituals of money, abuse and insecurity prevail.” Mr. Iheuwa also said that these prevailing themes are also common in romantic movies as they relate to reality. The actor also said that the scriptwriters are inspired by the prevailing circumstances that are trending in society in a particular period. He said that some of the hot topics in our society today are money rituals, kidnapping, depression, bullying and abuse, among others, and filmmakers address these social threats through movies. Nollywood, from time to time Mr. Iheuwa is known for his stellar performance in films like Rattle Snake (1995), Phone Swap (2012), Joba (2019), The Second Bed (2020), La Femme Anjola (2020), and The Delivery Boy (2018). . , and most recently, Stranger (2022). As a Nollywood pioneer, he said he had paid his dues and risen through the ranks in more than 25 years. When asked to rate the quality of Nollywood movies in the 1990s and now, he said, “I don’t agree with the idea that movies back then are better than movies we have now, now we have movies that address contemporary affairs”. “Screenwriters don’t write vaguely. They write based on what’s happening at a given moment, and most of the writers we have now are younger writers, who write based on their understanding and exposition. Similarly, it would be too ambitious for the writers of this civilization to write a script about going to space. The stories are based on trends and available to them,” he explained. According to Iheuwa, he began receiving payments for film production in 1988. “In the first movie I acted in, I was paid N100. Then one would have to fill out what was called ‘the pink form’ with national television, through which they would pay you at the end of the month”. She studied Theater Arts, a BA from the University of Ibadan and an MA from the University of Lagos. 2023 in sight Speaking about how the film industry affects the electorate’s decisions in the upcoming elections, Iheuwa said that most filmmakers should shoot instructional films from now on. “2face made a song, ‘E Be Like Say,’ and so many other artists have made so many songs about the election, filmmakers should follow the same path and create movies that make voters aware of the upcoming election, we have issues to address. PC, people often say they are too young, all these issues need to be properly explored.” “There are many ongoing campaigns to make people aware of the need to participate in electoral processes, before starting to complain, you have to clear your conscience and do what is necessary by voting. There should be more movies, parodies, and everything else that talks about elections and how young people should conduct electoral processes,” he said. Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; Why Nollywood Filmmakers Still Make ‘Ritual Money’ Movies – Actor, Chris Iheuwa