Why the court should not grant the suspended accountant general bail – EFCC

the Commission of Economic and Financial Crimes (EFCC) on Wednesday opposed bail applications filed by the Federation’s suspended Accountant General Ahmed Idris and his co-defendants accused of N109 billion fraud. EFCC Prosecuting Attorney Rotimi Jacobs, Senior Advocate for Nigeria (SAN), objecting to bail applications at the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) High Court in Maitama, Abuja, equated the defendants’ alleged crimes with crimes against humanity. But Mr. Idris’s lawyer, Chris Uche, another SAN, along with other defense attorneys, urged the court to ignore the EFCC’s objection and grant their clients bail. The judge, OA Adeyemi-Ajayi, set July 28 to rule on the bail applications. Last Friday, the EFCC indicted Mr. Idris along with three others, Godfrey Olusegun Akindele, Mohammed Usman and Gezawa Commodity Market and Exchange Limited, for an alleged N109 billion fraud. All four defendants have pleaded not guilty to all 14 charges brought by the EFCC. Mr. Idris’ attorney, Mr. Uche, made unsuccessful efforts to secure bail for the defendants through an oral request he made in court shortly after the defendants pleaded guilty. The oral request was opposed by the prosecution’s attorney, Mr. Jacobs, who insisted that the request must be in writing in order for the court to hear it. The judge, in agreement with the prosecution’s attorney, held that the court would not consider an oral bail request. The court then ordered the defendants remanded in custody and ordered the parties to present their position on bail. The hearing of the bail applications has been set for today (Wednesday). bond hearing In Wednesday’s proceedings, Uche urged the court to release Idris on bail pending determination of the lawsuit. Arguing that the charges are not “capital offenses and are bailable”, Mr Uche prayed the court would ignore the EFCC’s opposition to the bail request. The defense attorney denied the prosecution’s claims that Mr. Idris flouted the conditions of the administrative bail issued by the EFCC. “The prosecution, which investigated and saw the seriousness of the case, still considered it appropriate to release the defendants on bail. The charge did not increase in weight overnight,” argued Uche. It noted that Mr. Idris “made himself available by rushing back to Abuja from Kano immediately when he was invited to this trial,” adding: “Therefore, we urge my Lord to grant bail to the accused on terms very liberal.” Similarly, Mr. Idris’s co-defendants, Messrs. Akindele and Usman, pleaded with the judge to grant them bail. But the prosecution’s attorney, Mr. Jacobs, opposed the defendants’ bail requests. He drew the judge’s attention to the “nature and seriousness” of the charges, urging her to reject bail requests. ALSO READ: Alleged N109bn Fraud: Court Sends Former Accountant General Ahmed Idris and Others to Prison Jacobs argued that the misappropriation of public funds is a serious crime, equating the alleged crime to “crimes against humanity.” After hearing the arguments of the lawyers, the judge postponed the lawsuit until Thursday to rule. background This newspaper reported in May how Mr. Idris was arrested in Kano, following his refusal to comply with the EFCC’s invitation in connection with alleged fraud. Finance Minister Zainab Ahmed subsequently informed Mr. Idris of his suspension, in a letter dated May 18. His suspension is without pay, Ms. Ahmed’s letter said. The suspension, Ms Ahmed said, was in line with the Public Service Rules to allow for a proper and unhindered investigation. This newspaper also reported in June how the anti-corruption agency seized multimillion-dollar naira assets linked to Mr. Idris that are suspected to be proceeds of crime. Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; Why the court should not grant the suspended accountant general bail – EFCC