Widow of slain journalist, Tordue Salem, sues Nigerian government for $17 million

Deve Bossua, the wife of a murdered Nigerian journalist, Tordue Salem, has sued the Nigerian government at the ECOWAS Court of Justice over the tragic death of her husband. Salem was a journalist in avant-garde newspaper in Abuja until his disappearance on October 13, 2021. His mangled remains were later found at Wuse General Hospital in Abuja last November, a month after he was reported missing. Sebastine Hon, Senior Advocate for Nigeria (SAN), filed the enforcement action marked ECW/CCJ/APP/32/22, on behalf of the widow. He blamed the Nigerian police “for the unlawful detention, torture and premeditated murder of the late Tordue Salem.” The lawsuit seeks redress for the violation of Ms. Salem’s late husband’s right to life, enshrined in articles 4, 5, 6 and 23(1) of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights. ‘How Mr. Salem was killed’ In court documents, the plaintiff stated that the State Security Service (SSS) acknowledged receipt of a written request to them regarding the disappearance of Mr. Salem, never formally contacting the family of the deceased. SSS officials In addition, the applicant claimed that a Chief Superintendent of Police, Bimbo Oyewole, of the Abuja Police Command, who led a team of investigators to unravel the circumstances surrounding Mr. Salem’s disappearance on November 5, 2021, called relatives to his office, where they were informed that police were still searching some morgues at FCT Abuja in connection with the matter. On November 11, 2021, according to court documents, the police Intelligence Response Team in Abuja called the family and informed them through their commander that the police had confirmed that the hit-and-run incident occurred on November 13. October 2021. which led to the death of Mr. Salem. Because of their complicity in the investigation of Salem’s death, the family said they saw “inevitable facts.” The plaintiff’s attorney, Mr. Hon, said he would rely on documentary and oral evidence to defend his client’s case. Prayer In the lawsuit, Ms. Salem wants the ECOWAS Tribunal to force the Nigerian government to pay her US$2 million, which is the amount the murdered journalist would have if he lived to the end of his life expectancy. ECOWAS Court of Justice She wants the money paid for her support and the support of her young daughter, Avanna Salem. Ms. Salem also requests that the defendant be ordered to pay her US$10 million in compensatory damages for the mental and psychological anguish she caused her, along with the permanent deprivation of her right to enjoy the love of her life. , due to the illegality and unconstitutional murder of Mr. Salem. He also sought an order for the Nigerian government to pay him US$5 million in aggravated damages “for the unlawful detention, torture and premeditated murder of the late Tordue Salem by Nigerian police officers.” Wuse General Hospital, Abuja, where Mr Salem’s remains were found by police on Thursday. The plaintiff also urged the court to declare that the Nigerian police acted in violation of the provisions of the African Charter when they allegedly arrested, detained and tortured Tordue Salem to death and then falsely claimed, with the collusion of the General Wuse Hospital authorities , Abuja that the deceased was struck by a motor vehicle driven by a hit-and-run driver, Mr. Clement Itoro. No date has yet been set for a hearing in the case. Background There are a plethora of questions about the death of the Vanguard newspaper journalist that are still begging for answers. In November last year, immediately after the news of Mr. Salem’s death broke, PREMIUM TIMES visited the Godab Estate in Abuja, where the deceased journalist lived. Elizabeth Kuraun, the older sister of the deceased journalist, was overcome with grief and disbelief at her brother’s tragic end. The journalist’s disappearance and eventual death sparked outrage from the Journalists’ Union of Nigeria (NUJ), the Abuja chapter and the Benue state government, Mr. Salem’s home state. NUJ Abuja President Emmanuel Ogbeche led protests to pressure police and federal authorities to release Salem before he was pronounced dead a couple of weeks after the protests. The unanswered questions This newspaper reported how journalists, who attended the parade of Mr. Itoro, the alleged hit-and-run driver at police headquarters in Abuja, spotted gaps in the police spokesperson’s explanation of the circumstances. that led to the death of Mr. Salem. Channels Television reported that journalists asked why the management of the Wuse General Hospital (where Mr. Salem’s body was found) did not report the incident for a long time, since the documents belonging to the late reporter were on him. The Journalists Union of Nigeria (NUJ), Abuja chapter, had led a protest march to police headquarters in Abuja, demanding the whereabouts of the journalist. National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) Similarly, the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) and the National Assembly, which the deceased covered as a journalist until his disappearance, raised a public outcry about his situation. In addition, the journalists asked if the police were going to include the management of the Wuse hospital in the indictment. The identity of the person who deposited the body of the deceased journalist is unknown. The police said they would address the issues of negligence on the part of the hospital management and assured that the policemen at the Wuse checkpoint on the night of the accident would be held accountable after all the facts of the matter had been collected. But to this point, there has been no public explanation from the authorities to unravel the sordid circumstances of Mr. Salem’s death. He has since been buried in his birthplace in Benue state, north-central Nigeria. Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; Widow of slain journalist, Tordue Salem, sues Nigerian government for $17 million