Wike responds to Obaseki, says Edo governor is ‘tenant’ in PDP

Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike responded to his Edo State counterpart, Godwin Obaseki, describing him as a “tenant” in the Peoples Democratic Party (PPD). Obaseki, in a statement signed personally by him on Sunday, had told Wike that the PDP was not Governor Rivers’ personal property. “Clearly it amounts to a delusions of grandeur, for any man to entertain the idea that he owns or has more stake in the PDP and everyone should indulge him,” Obaseki said. He also told Wike, “In Edo, we don’t accept political bullies or masters.” Wike apologizes to Oshiomhole for Obaseki But Wike, reacting to Obaseki’s comments, said that the Edo governor was not appreciative of the help he gave him that enabled him to win the DPP nomination and ultimately win the 2020 Edo gubernatorial election, after he was banned from participating in the primaries. in his former party, the All Progressives Congress (APC). “If you go and check Godwin Obaseki’s DNA, what you’ll see in that DNA is betrayal, serial betrayal and ingratitude,” Wike is captured saying in a clip posted on Facebook on Monday. https://web.facebook.com/GovernorNyesomEzenwoWikeCON/videos/682727942858538 Wike apologized to former APC National President Adams Oshiomhole, who said he has been vindicated for the clash between him (Wike) and Obaseki. “Let me come forward today to apologize to Adams Oshiomhole, who has been vindicated by telling us that we will see the true color, we will see the insincerity, we will see the ingratitude of Governor Obaseki. “So let me apologize to Adams Oshiomhole and say they have been vindicated and we were wrong.” Wike said that Obaseki had not contributed to the progress of the PDP. “Have you voted for the PPD? The only choice he voted for was his own choice when we gave him umbrellas. So who has more participation in PDP? I have more involvement in PDP,” he said, getting over the pursuit of him. “I have always supported people. You have never supported the PDP, rather it was when your godfather chased you away and you came to beg, on your knees. And we allow it. Usually you are a tenant. “You came to beg a thug to have the ticket (PDP). A thug was your campaign manager and a thug bullied you all the way to Government House. What a pity! “You came back with your wife to thank the bully who after God the bully made it possible for you to be there.” Governor Rivers said that the PDP’s problem in Edo was injustice and that he would always oppose injustice. However, he did not explain what he meant by injustice in the Edo PDP. Looking as if he was ready for a long political battle, Wike said, “Let me tell you, Obaseki, I know your cohorts, I’ll kick them all out.” Wike said that he is qualified to run for president of Nigeria. “Tell your presidential hopefuls who are sending you that if I go out, I will beat them,” he told Obaseki. Background Mr. Wike had initially attacked Edo State Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu for threatening to leave the PDP due to a persistent crisis in the Edo PDP. He said he was going to get the PDP to sanction Mr. Shaibu, who he said was ungrateful to the party. “This is the same lieutenant governor who knelt down to beg us to give you umbrellas, today you have the gall to threaten the PDP. It’s a shame,” Wike said of Shaibu. Obaseki came to Shaibu’s defense, prompting Wike to shoot him. advertisements The crisis in the Edo PDP, according to Messrs. Obaseki and Shaibu, is the lack of integration of several people who left APC for the PDP during the 2020 gubernatorial elections in the state. ALSO READ: Obaseki to Wike: PDP is not your personal property, Edo cannot be acquired Governor Obaseki specifically said that the PDP in Edo has registered more than 500,000 new members since the September 2020 gubernatorial election, but “these new members have not been properly integrated into our party after two years.” “In addition, the leaders, executives and members who came with me to the party have not yet been accepted, integrated or harmonized in the party. “More worrying is the fact that former members of the Edo PDP, who are open to inclusion and support building a great party, are being vilified and ostracized by a cabal allegedly led by boss Dan Orbih, who is his perpetual guest in Port Harcourt and is remotely used to orchestrate the destabilization of the party in Edo state,” Obaseki told Wike. Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; Wike responds to Obaseki, says Edo governor is ‘tenant’ in PDP