Witchcraft: Court sentences man to death by hanging for killing his daughters

A High Court based in Akamkpa, Cross River, has sentenced Ayanime Udo to death by hanging for killing her twin daughters on charges of being witches. In ruling on the case with claim number HK/6C/2018, Judge Agnes Onyebueke said; “Udo’s act is satanic, demonic and beyond human comprehension.” He maintained that the accused had deliberately and gruesomely murdered his 11-year-old twin, Mfoniso Anyanime and Emedong Anyanime in 2017 after calling them witches. The defendant, who is in his 50s, was unable to defend his accusation of witchcraft against the girls when questioned and had given his 11-year-old girls a malt drink laced with acid from his motorcycle. One died at the scene on January 10, 2017, while the second dragged herself to the road where a Good Samaritan picked her up and took her to hospital, but died the next day. According to a child rights activist, Mr. James Ibor, whose Basic Rights Advisory Initiative (BCRI) facilitated the prosecution of the accused, the case was first reported in February 2017. Ibor said that after it was reported, the convict was detained by the police after due investigation was carried out. “The Police ensured that the necessary medical examinations and autopsies were carried out on the deceased children, which helped the trial. “This trial is a huge victory for the victims, Mfoniso Anyanime, Emediong Anyanime in particular, and the Cross River government,” he said. It is worth remembering that the slaughter of twins was prevalent in the southern part of the Cross River, which includes Akamkpa before the intervention of the Scottish missionary Mary Slessor. Read More Related News Here Do you have an opinion about this; Witchcraft: Court sentences man to death by hanging for killing his daughters | Newslodge Nigeria News Let’s hear it in the comment below