Zambia Seeks Dangote’s Assistance to Develop Fertilizer Industry

The Zambian Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Chipoka Mulenga, has sought the assistance of the President of the Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote, in developing his country’s agricultural sector. Mulenga, who led a Zambian delegation on a tour of the 3.00 million metric ton Dangote fertilizer plant over the weekend, called for collaboration between the Group and the Zambian government in establishing a fertilizer plant in the country in southern Africa. Mulenga expressed the belief that any investment in fertilizer production will not only help the country become self-sufficient in food production, but will also help grow Zambia’s economy as well as neighboring countries. According to him, the Zambian government has created an environment conducive to local and foreign investment through strong incentives to attract investment in all sectors of the economy. He said: “The Zambian government, in the last budget, made some pronouncements, which focus on value addition, industrialization, upskilling and development. We have a huge young population that is ready to work if given the opportunity to be productive. ”He described Zambia as Africa’s new investment destination due to its stable political system, stable macroeconomic environment and investment protection guarantees. He said that Zambia is strong in agriculture and even seeks to be stronger by having its own fertilizer plant. Speaking at the end of the tour, the CEO of Dangote Fertilizer Limited, Mr. Vishwajit Sinha, said that the demand for urea fertilizers in the Nigerian market and beyond remains strong and is expected to continue to grow. He said the $2.5 billion fertilizer complex would make Nigeria self-sufficient in fertilizer production with excess capacity exported to other African countries and the rest of the world. He said: “Dangote Fertilizer’s key focus has always been to serve the growing domestic market demand for fertilizers in Nigeria and also to work towards a green revolution in the country, in order to contribute to Nigeria’s food security. The surplus production after supplying the domestic market is exported”. Sinha stated that Dangote Fertilizer is positioned to take advantage of the Federal Government’s policy, which focuses on agriculture as one of the keys to unlocking the diversification of the Nigerian economy. He added: “As the population increases, food consumption is changing. The economic progress of many countries is linked to agricultural development, which is the best form of inclusive development. In every country I have been to, I can see the potential of agriculture throughout the value chain, from the farm to the kitchen, in Nigeria. “Dangote Fertilizer has the potential to transform the entire African region. It will definitely be of great value to the country.” Sinha described the Dangote Fertilizer Plant as a venture that will not only increase food sufficiency in Nigeria, but also dramatically reduce the level of unemployment and youth unrest through direct and indirect employment generation. Read More Related News Here